About 10 good reasons to buy Waveblade.

The modern Waveblade hull and boat bottom cleaning power tool gets better results more easily, quickly, cost-effectively, safely, and conveniently than any other known method on the market.

It is the first hard fouling removal power tool that can be submersed under water up to depths of 15 feet. Its patented pin in wave technology generates a high-speed harmonic vibration that removes all types of growth by vibrating them off any boat surface or marine structure without damaging the paint.

Say goodbye to the 3000 year-old traditional method of hull cleaning using hand scrapers and elbow grease!

More Cost Effective The Waveblade pays for itself for about the cost of one annual haul-out, then your hull cleanings are free every year thereafter when you use the Waveblade. It works underwater so that’s another good reason to say goodbye for good to haul-out fees.
Versatile Convenience Plug the 45ft cord into a 12 volt outlet and clean hulls anywhere: underwater at the mooring or while hauled out in the boatyard.
Good Vibes Our patented vibration agitates growth off surfaces not by friction like putty knives or scrub pads. Friction wears your paint away more quickly. No friction here! With Waveblade’s good vibes on your side make your paint last longer.
Deeper Cleaning Remove barnacle bases and scale quickly and thoroughly. With our accessory blades you can really get into previously safe hiding places. Let Waveblade help with detailing for results you can be proud of.
Faster Results This power tool cuts through all kinds of fouling quickly and efficiently. Get the job done fast with less effort.
Baby Your Baby The Waveblade is tough on growth but not the boat. The motion of the tool’s oscillation is built not to penetrate surfaces so you can use it on anything from inflatable pontoons to concrete and everything in between.
Less Physical Effort The vibrations do the work so you don’t have to making a job that was until now, exhausting, much easier. That means energy to enjoy the day when the work is done.
Clean and Mean Get that hull and running gear clean so you spend less at the pump and slice through the water. Fouling can cause a 10% drop in speed and a 40% increase in fuel consumption... ouch! Be clean and mean – save fuel, go faster!
Protect Yourself No need to beat yourself up. Our knuckle guard protects against cuts and scrapes.
Environmentally Safe Waveblade creates minimal pollution when compared with present hull maintenance techniques such as pressure washing, hand scraping or scrubbing. It will drastically reduce carbon emissions from craft by returning hulls to factory efficiency.