How it Works Designed to reach depths up to 15 feet, it will make bottom cleaning and removing biofouling effortless, including barnacles and mussel deposits.

Boat maintenance has never been easier with the Waveblade’s patented technology, delivering high frequency resonance via the oscillating head sending multi-directional vibration through the blade into the unwanted marine growth. The wave power will remove barnacles and marine fouling more thoroughly in a fraction of the time without damaging surfaces compared to current methods such as putty knives and pressure washers.

This lightweight hand held completely submersible power tool is specifically designed to remove biofouling without harming underlying surfaces, not even bottom paint. Remove barnacles and their stubborn calcification rings, tube worms, mussels, oysters, rust and slime. Safely use Waveblade on a variety of surfaces such as fiberglass, metal, wood, concrete, plastic or even inflatables. Perfect for outboards and running gear.

At home on land, Waveblade is just as comfortable underwater. Engineered and rigorously tested, the Waveblade is certified for an operating depth of 15ft / 4.6m.

The Waveblade is driven from a standard 12V DC power source, and is attached to a 45ft / 13.7m cable giving substantial reach.

Future developments of the Waveblade are underway.