How it's built Engineered for optimum cleaning.

How It's Built
How Its Built 1

1. Biofouling Barnacle Removal Blades

Specially designed to remove all types of marine fouling and barnacles, these non-damaging blades can be used on a variety of surfaces.

How Its Built 2

2. Powerful Oscillating Head

The oscillating head delivers patented wave power vibration that agitates marine growth off without damage to delicate surfaces.

How Its Built 3

3. Simple Blade Changing

The blade change system allows blades to be changed with a quick turn of the supplied allen key and the Waveblade is ready to go.

How Its Built 4

4. Completely Waterproof

Specially designed, tested and certified safe for underwater use up to 15’ / 4.6m, this 12v tool can handle deep draft hulls comfortably.

How Its Built 5

5. Sensitive Touch Switch Operation

A light touch is all the switch requires ensuring minimal hand fatigue during large projects.

How Its Built 6

6. Aluminium Knuckle Guard

Made specifically to protect hands from injury by sharp marine growth while maintaining the correct angle of presentation to work surfaces.

How Its Built 7

7. Ergonomic Body

Built for comfort the tapered handle incorporates the latest soft grip technology while providing extra grip.

How Its Built 8

8. Lanyard Attachment

Point makes underwater retrieval easy or conveniently store it in the workshop allowing water to drain away ensuring long life.