How to Use Let the vibration do the work, not you… no physical force required!

Gently place the blade flat on the boat hull and let the Waveblade patented vibration power do the work. No need to apply pressure. 

Less pressure equals optimum blade speed resulting in effortless removal of fouling. You can place the blade on the palm of your hand while the tool is running and it will not harm your skin. It is non-damaging to surfaces. Marine growth is removed by resonance, with the tool running at 4200 cpm. Barnacles, mussel deposits and biofouling are literally vibrated off the surface.

Blades are easily interchangeable with our accessory blades designed for shafts, thru- hulls and tight areas.

Power our 12v tool from a variety of sources. Plug it directly into a boat or tender’s 12v outlet, or use a roadside rescue pack and dive to clean hulls, running gear or other marine structures in the water. Run Waveblade from a car’s 12v outlet when out on the yard. 

Waveblade draws only 3.2 amps making batteries last. Alternatively a 110v to 12v converter may be used in dry conditions.