Where to Use Boat bottom cleaning with the Waveblade, in or out of the water!

On the Hull
Fiberglass hulls
Wooden hulls
Steel hulls
Gel coat hulls
Aluminum hulls
Plastic hulls
PVC hulls
Where To Use Small

Large Flat Surfaces

3" Multipurpose Blade Accessory

Ideal for bulk removal on surfaces such as fiberglass, gel coat, concrete, plastic, wood or metal surfaces. Use it for bottom cleaning to get those barnacle rings off. Great on props and running gear. Available in black coated steel for dry use and stainless steel for submerged or vigorous use.

Where To Use Small

Delicate / Vulnerable Surfaces

3" Delicate Surface Multipurpose Blade Accessory

This scraper has a plastic guard on the leading edge ensuring that no accidental damage occurs to vulnerable surfaces such as soft wood hulls, silicone coatings or glass bottom boats. Great for removing slime as well, it is available in both black coated for dry use or stainless steel for underwater.

Around the Hull
Running gear
Propeller shafts
Trim tabs / rudders
Keel coolers
Bow thrusters
Concrete foundations
Underwater piping
Dock pilings
Plastic docks
Where To Use Small2

Small Diameter Structures

Half Round Blade Accessory

Designed to remove fouling and debris from shafts, anodes, hydraulic line, PVC pipe and other small diameter structures the crescent shape makes it perfectly suited to this application. Available in black coated Steel for dry use or stainless steel for submerged use.

Where To Use Small2

Hard to Reach Places

Flat Chisel Blade Accessory

The flat chisel scraper’s thin design makes it ideal for squeezing into small nooks and crannies around trim tabs, keel coolers or behind zincs. Helpful in teaching truly stubborn fouling a lesson it is available in black coated Steel for dry use and stainless steel for underwater use.