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Has to be seen to be believed

Having tested this on my own boat in Corfu, I can highly recommend it. The ease at which it removes any form of growth has to be seen to be believed. My yacht was heavily fouled and it took it back to the antifoul but not any further.

Richard Pattinson, CEO Marine Megastore, UK

Thanks for an excellent product

I spent 3 1/2 hours under my boat cleaning. I didn’t realize quite how fouled she was. My Waveblade performed as advertised. It really is very good. General growth came away from the hull quickly – like cutting soft butter with a hot knife!

Trevor Jones, Hong Kong

Waveblade has made my life a lot easier

My hands are not all torn up, I can scrape my boat in a third of the time, it’s easy to handle and runs smoothly. What can I say, I am a very satisfied customer and would recommend this product for any boat owner who deals with barnacles.

Ralf Unruh, Gulf of Mexico

The magic wand for an awful job

Our 40" trimaran in desperate need of a cleaning. The bottom was awful, four inches of growth and barnacles to remove. In no time the Waveblade easily scraped it off in long solid strips. It's easy and fast – we couldn’t believe our luck!

Julie & Kevin Nally, Forked River, NJ

Waveblade Postpones Yard Time of 170ft Bennetti

The Waveblade has allowed us to postpone our planned yard period, keeping the owner happy. I'm really impressed with the product and would fully recommend it for any yacht. It stood up to solid 2.5 hour sessions underwater for 4-5 days of constant use, no problem.

Sam Pearce, 1st Mate