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Concrete Foundation

The Waveblade was used in this test to show how it can be used underwater to clean concrete foundation stones, ready for inspection and repair or simply just a good clean.

Spiral Steel Bar Cleaning Underwater

The Waveblade proved its versatility by being used on complex shaped objects underwater, as well as its ability to remove very thick and stubborn fouling.

Steel Pipe Cleaning

The Waveblade was used here to remove years of fouling build up from a submerged pipe that is exposed daily to a tidal flow. It shows how the 3″ blade can easily remove the fouling in a very short time, ideal for this type of application when you are against the clock.

Support Structure Cleaning

The Waveblade was used here to remove thick growth from small diameter  support structures, restoring the aesthetics and decreasing drag in the water. Using the half round blade, it shows the Waveblade making short work of removing the fouling from difficult shaped structures such as pipes, making it ideally suited for the removal of fouling from shafts and anodes as well.

Propeller Cleaning

The Waveblade was used here to remove thick growth from propeller blades which is a major cause of loss of propeller efficiency resulting in poor craft performance and increased fuel costs. With the multipurpose blade it makes short work of the fouling restoring the propeller to maximum efficiency in a very short time.

Steel Bar Cleaning Underwater

The Waveblade showed its outstanding ability to shift fouling that has built up over many years on steel at the bottom of the sea. It shows it effortlessly removing fouling built up on a steel bar in preperation for inspection and repair.

Fiberglass Hull Cleaning

The Waveblade was used here to remove many months of marine growth from the hull of a fiberglass boat. Using the 3″ blade the Waveblade effortlessly tore through the growth removing it in minutes.

Waveblade working hard!

Let the vibration do the work, not you! Gently place the blade flat on the surface and let Waveblade’s patented Resonant Wave Technology remove barnacles and other hard growth. When it comes to pressure, less is best!  Less pressure equals optimum blade speed resulting in effortless removal of fouling safely from a variety of surfaces. Safely use Waveblade to clean boat hulls, buoys, docks, metals, wood, concrete, fiberglass, PVC, even inflatables, without damage.

Waveblade in Action

See Waveblade in action.